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The Tiger, as called “the king of the animals” in China, is a natural born protector and leader. We believe that this is a year of change and transformation and as a metaphor for this year’s hopes and aspirations, we have created a few series of male and female tigers, that have been uniquely hand drawn in Chinese Ink, digitalized and colored in high resolution. Just like in the real world, not one tiger is identical in our collection.

Their mission is to bring back travelers from all over the world and to guide them throughout Asia, with no boundaries nor constraints of time and space. Besides the uniqueness of the artwork, collecting the AsiaTigers Club NFTs will be your first step into our Resortverse, the universe where virtual and real experiences amalgamate.

Tiger Characteristics

The collections consist of Tigers with different characteristics and missions. They are adventurers, entertainers, skilled shoppers and some have a sharp eye for the best relaxation spots in Asia!

All of them are ready for the journey that they will hop on with you through Resortverse.

Stay tuned for the most exclusive artwork with collections and jaw dropping traits that represent Macau and South East Asia. 


Our holding company is Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings Ltd, which is listed on the GEM market of Hong Kong Exchange with ticker symbol

APE’s subsidiary, APE Macau, has been in the gaming 🎲 supply industry for over 16 years and supplies gaming equipment to land operators in Macau and across Asia. In 2021 it began diversification into the operations of vending machines🏪 in Macau and China.

In 2022 APE made its first foray into the travel ✈️ digital marketing business with the gamified Mini-Macau on The Sandbox , which is a part of the APE’s new business initiatives called “Resortverse”, a new type of travel and resort metaverse portal.

The project includes other Metaverse related components, such as the travel themed Asia Tigers NFT, travel tokens and e-tokens.

For more company information, please visit


Find out more about our projects and the launch of our tigers.

Our team is there to welcome you and we assure you that it will be worthwhile!  Now Let’s start roaring!





The Lotus tigers are adventurers and are determined to guide you through the beautiful city of Macau and it’s neighboring cities. They are witty but disciplined and kind, and will bring you through traditional and culinary experiences in the City.

Don’t miss out the egg tarts on your voyage !


The exotic tigers are on a mission to show you some fun in the sun! They will be able to lead you through nature and wild adventures based on land and sea. Get ready to hop on the jet with them.


TThe entertainers are tigers that wine instead of whine. Their motto is to enjoy life to the fullest, bringing you joy in life events and concerts. They are gamers and will lead you through virtual spaces that emerge in reality.


These tigers are the skilled shoppers. They know where to bring you for the best deals in our market places and will lead you to the most glamorous and unique shopping experiences from the comfort of your home !

Our vision was to build our first travel destination on the Metaverse for travelers to virtually explore the amazing Macau tourist attractions such as The Ruins of St. Paul’s, Macau Tower, The Senado Square, and The Ah Ma temple.




Illustrator Pedro Lourenço has drawn for communication agencies and brands like Absolut Vodka, record labels, music promoters and bands, while publishing his work in books, newspapers and magazines, such as The New York Times, The Village Voice and Rolling Stone. Born in 1976 in Lisbon, where he still lives and works from. His work has been admired internationally and this year he is taking his Art into Asia with us for the very first time.



Tony Chan

Maria Garcia

Pedro Pablo

Candy Chan

Terence Lee

Tiago Alcântara

Teri Garrett

Lincoln Lau


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that is verifiable on blockchain technology. Assets include artwork, music, or in-game assets such as unique avatars. Because they are unique, NFTs are becoming sought after as collectibles.


An Asia Tiger NFT is your first step into our Resortverse.
It will be a ticket for you to participate in all our future games within our platform.

In order to mint, you will need a Metamask wallet that is funded with enough Ether (ETH) to cover the cost of minting your Tiger and the associated gas fees to run the transaction on the network.
The minting prices are as follows:

Presale price:  0.1 ETH

Public sale price: 0.15 ETH

The presale begins on 28th of May 2022 at UTC 12:00 PM

The public sale will be announced during the pre-sale period.

To join the presale, you will need to be whitelisted. Join our discord server for more information! There will only be 1888 spots on the whitelist, so Let’s go!!!

Besides the unique NFT Artwork, you might have resort memorabilia, limited and exclusive collectibles. Your NFT will give you priority access to Mini Macau and Resortverse, exclusive and early bird invitations to events, parties and webinars.

You will also be rewarded with Travel Coupons and tokens that can be used within Resortverse and redeemed into real travel rewards.

2.5% of the generated sales will be diverted to Charity Institutions around Asia.

And finally, the bonus is a cherry on top, collect 5 tigers and get one unique and rare tiger for free. 

Travel tokens are coupons and e-commerce tokens that can be used within Resortverse or redeemed into rooms at the finest Hotels, resort memorabilia, limited exclusive collectibles, dining vouchers in F&B venues, spas or merchandize from our e-commerce market place. 

Check out the Resortverse ecosystem that is full of surprises and that will be revealed throughout the project.

Resortverse is the metaverse where the combination of virtual and real travel experiences unify. We are building digital resort experiences based on real-life resort destinations in Asia by creating their replica, integrating play-to earn games that can be redeemed into real life travel tokens and rewards. We plan to launch this exciting portal in 2023.

To experience Mini Macau in “The Sandbox”, you will have to first download their official game. Once your download is complete, you will find us inside The Game Maker – Draft Gallery as Mini Macau.

The Sandbox Game Maker Official Link:

In Mini Macau you can experience real live shops, galleries, tourist attractions, monuments and games, etc. All the games and experiences are rewarded.

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